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What Are Customized Lanyards ?


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Material : Flat Polyester

Standard Size: 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm

Standard Length: 900mm

Printing Method : Full Color Dyed Sublimation Print

Min Order : 100pcs

Delivery Lead Time : 2 weeks - 3 weeks upon received final artwork & deposit

* Urgent delivery option available


Material : Nylon

Standard Size: 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm

Standard Length: 900mm

Printing Method : Silkscreen print

Min Order : 100pcs

Delivery Lead Time : 2 weeks - 3 Weeks upon received final artwork & deposit


Material : Polyester

Standard Size: 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm

Standard Length: 900mm

Printing Method : Silkscreen print

Min Order : 100pcs

Delivery Lead Time : 2 weeks - 3 Weeks upon received final artwork & deposit


Model : PU ID Card Holder (PU01A) Portrait

Product Code: PU01A

Material: PU Leather

Holder Size : 110mm(H) x 70mm(W)

ID Card Size : 85mm(H) x 54mm(W)

Colour Available : Red / Blue / Black / Brown

Min Order : 100pcs

Delivery Lead Time : 1 - 2 weeks


Model : PU ID Card Holder (PU01B) Landscape

Product Code: PU01B

Material: PU Leather

Holder Size : 78mm(H) x 100mm(W)

ID Card Size : 54mm(H) x 90mm(W)

Colour Available : Red / Blue / Black / Brown

Min Order : 100pcs

Delivery Lead Time : 1 - 2 weeks

Model : PU ID Card Holder (PU02)

Product Code: PU02

Material: PU Leather

Holder Size : 110mm(H) x 72mm(W)

ID Card Size : 85mm(H) x 54mm(W)

Colour Available : Red / Blue / Black / Brown / Silver

Min Order : 100pcs

Model : Plastic ID Card Holder (B-300V)

Product Code: B-300V

Material : PVC

ID Card Size : 55mm(W) x 85mm(H)

Colour Available : Transparent

Min Order : 100pcs

Delivery Lead Time : 1-2 Weeks


A lanyard is a useful cord of strap that at commonly worn around a person’s neck, wrist or shoulder to carry valuable items like keys or identification cards.

Styles and Materials:
The material and style will depend on the end-purpose of the lanyard. The materials using used in making one include nylon, polyester, polyethylene terephthalate (PET), braided or braided leather paracord, silk.

The common style of a lanyard is as follows:
• Nylon imprinted lanyards
• Polyester imprinted lanyards
• Full color or dye-sublimated lanyards
• Tube imprinted lanyards

Important details of a custom lanyard or lanyards that you should take note:

It is an important accessory for electronics

Lanyards are useful in electronic devices like USB flash drives, cameras, and MP3 players to prevent dropping or losing them. It has a loop of thread on its end that’s attached to the hole using a basic knot called a cow hitch. Some earphones incorporate audio signals to the lanyard, doubling up the headphone cord. Another specific example is the Wii remote, which is a different form of lanyard, making sure that the gaming device is attached to the arm of the player when moving.

Lanyards are generally used as a holder identification cards

It displays ticket ID cards, badges, and any type of identification cards wherein security is needed like corporations, businesses, prisons, hospitals, trade fairs, conventions, backstage passes, and many others. This form of a lanyard is usually made of woven or braided fabric or spit that has a clip attached to its end. A badge holder or plastic pouch that has at least one transparent side attached to the lanyard where a badge or ID card can be placed. There are also times that small items like pens or business cards can be placed behind the badge for easier access. Lanyards can be handy keychains too especially in gyms, public pools, and other communal places.

With this, it can be customized with the related logo and/or name of the event, organization, or business. It can also show different customization techniques like Jacquard loom weaving, screen-printing, offset printing, and heat transfer.

Personalized lanyards can be used as a safety strap

It is usually attached to “kill switches” on dangerous types of machinery like slicing machines, industrial cutting; certain vehicle like trains or jet-skis; on treadmills found in gyms, so in case the operator will be incapacitated, their fall will then pull the lanyard that is being attached to their wrist, wherein the switch will then be pulled to stop the vehicle or machine instantly.

There are members of the military and some law enforcement officers use specialized lanyards to avoid their sidearm from falling unto the ground in the course of their missions.

There are a lot of ID card lanyards that have “breakaway” closure as a built-in feature. When pressure is applied or when pulled, the breakaway lanyard releases to prevent from hanging or choking. This is mostly used in healthcare clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, factories that need machine operators, or child care facilities.

It can be used as lineman lanyards

It is used my lineman utility workers to prevent them from falling wherein similar straps are utilized recreationally by mountain climbers. It has a heavy-duty nylon strapping section that is attached to a carabiner or metal ring which tightens around its attachment point. The strap itself can be adjustable or at a fixed length that will attach the wearer to support them against a pole or fixed object.

A custom lanyard can be worn on uniforms

It is similar to a fourragère or aiguillette.

Different Types of ID Badge Lanyards

For years, lanyards have become popular for many reasons depending on the purpose. There are different types of ID badge lanyards that you should know:

Woven Lanyard

Woven lanyards are popular because of their durability. The range of woven tapes is notable. If a lanyard has a flat braided string that has on O-ring seal, the other will have a string that can’t be detached with a bulldog clip.
It is durable and won’t fade over time, making it perfect for companies and schools wherein a metal-free ID cardholder is needed. It gives a more professional touch to employees or lanyard users, creating a positive impression on the viewers.

Beaded Lanyard

This type of cord is mainly used to hold ID cards. It is very decorative considered as jewelry at times. Beaded necklaces vary in color, material, and length. It’s very popular amongst women too. It is often used by nurses, businesswomen, and teachers. It is also used in manufacturing companies wherein the metal is not allowed to be worn. Beads can be glass, pearls, or crystals and the cost would depend on the kind of material being used.


Non-breakaway and Breakaway Lanyard

It is made with adjustable plastic cable. The safety cords won’t break, rigid, and usually inflexible. Separation cords however are very elastic. Separation style has two pieces of ropes that can be separated once your apply force, a safety tool for circumstances wherein the cord is caught in something. An example of this type is the sports lanyard.

Customised Lanyards

This is a great way to promote your business or brand by having the logo imprinted on the lanyards. Customized straps are made of nylon, flat cotton, and polyester. It can be customized to your specific purpose or need. The printing process will depend on the kind of material that will be used for printing. A good example here is using screen printing for cotton and nylon types of material while hot stamping for is the right choice for polyester.


Advantages of Customized Lanyards: Custom Woven Lanyards, Custom Lanyard Badges

Five things you need to know:

The use of a customized lanyard is usually overlooked in spreading the word about your brand. It’s very useful in events in different ways! It can even attract customers, open opportunities, and even instill pride in workers or employees. Check out the details in terms of advantages in using it as part of your brand’s marketing efforts.

1. Strengthen the Identity of a Brand
We all know how crucial it is to establish a good brand identity in the market along with all the competitors out there. Brand identity includes the logo, the color used, slogans, mascots, and other visual elements. Wearing a custom lanyard can reinforce brand identity in a certain location or establishment. It helps create a positive and more professional impression.

2. It Can Improve Networking Opportunities
One awesome way to tell people out there about your brand is through the different networking opportunities available. The point here is that in any types of events like conferences, trade shows, and the like, the personalized lanyard can be an awesome conversation starter. The design should be eye-catching using the right mix of colors. Another great thing about it is that you can even use it as giveaways along with your business card to prospective clients.

3. Increase Brand Visibility
You don’t need to break the bank to implement ways on increasing your brand’s visibility and using lanyards is one of the options you can choose. It’s affordable, lasts longer, and can be seen almost everywhere so long as a person wears it.

4. Encourages Customer Loyalty
Loyal customers are not easy to find. Aside from providing the best service they could ever have, it’s also a good idea to give them something to always remember you by. Custom Lanyards is a perfect gift for your clients because it can be used in several ways also of the fact that it can be worn anywhere. An awesome lanyard with cool designs will attract attention and create curiosity. Don’t forget to put your company’s logo and contact number!

5. More Professional Looking
First impressions do last which means that how your business looks and the appearance of your branding can affect the perception of your target market. Lanyards can make your staff look more professional in events or trade shows.

Cheap Printed Lanyards

Cheap Printed Lanyards can be an awesome way for your marketing needs too. However, the price is not the same since it will depend on different factors such as the following:
• The main type of material you want to use.
• The printing option: 1 color or full color.
• The purpose of the lanyard.
• The number of pieces you will order. Order in bulk to get a discount or cheaper package.


Lanyard Card Printing

Lanyard card printing is perfect for any type of organization where students and employees need to wear an I.D. Aside from that, it can also be used for promotional purposes. Certain things need your attention to this. Would you like to print your design on the silk through screen printing, woven customization, or dye sublimation process?

The silkscreen printing method is perfect for text and logos and it’s cheaper compared to other processes.

The dye sublimation process can give you the best quality designs since it is excellent in detail and infuses the imprint color to the fabric used to make the lanyard.

Woven lanyards are long-lasting since they are durable, which makes them perfect for large projects and need more minimum quantity.

You will also need to keep in mind the following:
• Are you considering a one-side or two-side printing?
• The width of the lanyard.
• The material you want to use.
• The finishing options you like.
• The lanyard attachments you need.

Single Custom Lanyards

Have your single custom lanyards created in the most appealing and eye-catching way. You can talk to the printing company’s designer about your preference to help you create the perfect look for the lanyards. It’s not easy but the printing company and its team will guide you all the way to achieve the perfect lanyard whatever the purpose may be and to also spend within your marketing budget.

Custom Logo Lanyards

Who says you can’t have your brand logo imprinted on a lanyard? Of course, you can! Custom logo lanyards are perfect for events, marketing needs, and even in any type of organization that you belong to. You can have your logo imprinted on the right kind of material using the perfect type of printing method. If you have a lot of details on your logo, dye sublimation can be your perfect option.

Custom Lanyard with Pictures

Custom Lanyard with pictures is made through dye sublimation since the image is heat transferred on the material, usually polyester. You can enjoy vivid and crisp colors with your pictures on the lanyard.

Frequently Asked Questions on Lanyards:

Lanyard Pronunciation, understanding customised lanyards, price sgd idea, quantity

1. How do I pronounce Lanyard? – “Lan-yerd”
2. What makes a lanyard custom? – It means you are allowed to choose, the kind of material, color, length, width, designs, attachments, and thickness.
3. Is ID card lanyard printing cheap? – it depends on several aspects such as the printing method to use and other customization you choose for your lanyard.
4. Do you print custom lanyards small quantity? – Yes, and it depends on the type of lanyard you need.
5. Is it cheaper if I order custom lanyards in bulk – Yes, it is.

Why Choose Custom Lanyards Singapore?

It’s great for businesses to become creative by showing the people about the company, the logo and the existence of the brand itself. It will allow you to choose the color that you want and apply the unique designs that you envision for your marketing ad campaign. You will gain positive feedbacks from using a customized lanyard than using a plain one.

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