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Tote Bag Printing is Great for Your Business 


Every business in Singapore need marketing efforts to aid in boosting corporate sales and promotion.


Aside from implementing traditional methods such as flyer distribution, radio, newspaper, and T.V advertisements, there are also other and better options to spread the word out in the public that your brand exists.


Apart from utilizing the following options namely customized jackets, pouch, caps, shirts, polo, and many other items; the use of printed tote bags have become an effective corporate marketing strategy today for businesses in Singapore, it’s considered as a great way to promote the company visually for a longer time.


Let’s get to know more about tote bags and why a tote bag can be an essential way to advertise your business in Singapore in year the 2020.


Introduction on Canvas Bags               


One of the most common types of customized tote bags is called canvas tote bag and it has become more popular over time. Most people are confused between a customized cotton and canvas tote bag. However, the choice of the kind of fabric would always depend on the need and purpose of the person wearing the customized tote.


What is Canvas Bag Printing?     

Customized canvas tote bags are excellent corporate promotional items for any brands in Singapore. You can avail cheap canvas bag printing at any suppliers in Singapore wherein you can have your logo imprinted on the canvas tote and distribute the customized tote in any events or trade shows.


The customized canvas tote bag is a heavy-duty and plain-woven kind of fabric usually used in making reusable bags. A customized canvas tote bag is also made of sturdy cloth that has thick leather handles design and leather is also placed at the bottom part so that additional support may be added to withstand heavyweight. The customized canvas tote bag is extremely durable, cheap and more useful too if compared with other corporate marketing items such as customized pouch, jackets, shirts, caps, and polo.


Using Custom Bags in Promoting Your Business


Custom tote bags work well in promoting your products during corporate events, trade shows, and weddings or even in your shop. But there are different types of tote bags that you should know. Choosing the right kind of tote bag and design will help you boost your corporate marketing efforts effectively.


Printing Customized Tote Bags: 6 Reasons Why You Must Promote the Bags for Your Business                                

Below are 6 viable reasons why you will want to use customized tote bags for your corporate marketing needs in the year 2020.



1. Printing on the Bag You Can Get Your Brand Noticed   

The fundamental purpose of every promotional item is to help your brand be noticed by the public in Singapore. Your main reason here is that custom tote bags are one of your effective corporate marketing tools so that you can get your brand noticed. A tote can give you a huge visual space where you can imprint your logo, brand or business name, and people will notice the tote near or far especially if the tote bag has a very good customized design compared to using pouch and caps.


These promotional types of tote bags can attract attention whether they are used in a grocery store, while they are traveling, or in a mall.


2. Printing Branded Canvas Tote Bags are Cost-Effective  

One of the most concerning parts of corporate marketing is the cost associated with running a project. But if we compare it to other options of corporate promotional items such as jackets, polo, caps, and shirts; branded tote bags are reasonably cheaper to advertise your brand.


Examples of sturdy and cheap custom tote bags made of canvas are as follows:

  • Port Authority B156 – Polypropylene Canvas Tote – it’s made of 100 grams and 100% polypropylene. 15w” x 16h” is the size with 5 colors that you can choose from for your canvas tote design.
  • OAD 105 – Promotional Contrast Handles Canvas Tote – it’s made of 6.0 oz. and 100% cotton canvas. 15w” x 16h” is the size with 5 colors that you can choose from for your canvas tote design.
  • Q-Tees QTB – Economical Canvas Tote – it’s made of 6.0 oz. and 100% cotton. 15w” x 16h” is the size with 24 colors that you can choose from for your canvas tote design.



3. Printing Tote Bags as Freebies and Gifts    

Because the tote bags are cost-effective, the tote bags are also great as freebies and gifts for any gatherings like contests, events, birthdays, weddings, etc. Recipients will mostly remember your logo or design on the tote whenever you provide free corporate promotional tools, gifts and stuff.


4. Printing Customized Canvas Tote Bags Can Be Used by All

Tote bag printing is affordable and you are assured that the customized canvas tote is not gender or age-specific. Whenever you have an event and you’re planning on giving away customized canvas tote bags with great design, you won’t need to worry about a specific demographic compared to using polo, pouch, jackets, caps and shirts.


5. The Bags are Eco-Friendly       

The great thing about tote bags is that these are made of sustainable or recycled material and buoy up ecologically friendly values. This also signifies that your brand is serious in helping mother earth through the use of tote bags.


Below are examples of eco-friendly tote bags where you can add your company logo as part of the design:

  • Gemline 1765 – Laminated 100% Recycled Shopper Tote Bag – plastic bottles are used to make this reusable shopping tote bag. It is laminated for maximum durability, perfect to hold up grocery essentials. It has a large main compartment with generous gusset design for supreme capacity with a 23.5? shoulder straps.
  • econscious EC8056 – 7 oz. Organic Cotton Eco Promo Tote Bag – it is 100% organic cotton, eco-friendly and the design is awesome for everyday use.
  • LEEDS 7901-06 – Recycled Cotton Convention Tote Bag – it is made of recycled cotton from garment cuts and wastes and blended with recycled polyester to make a reusable tote bag that looks unique, showing off your brand logo design in an eco-friendly manner.


6. With Many Styles to Choose From

And lastly, tote bags come in different styles that you can choose from which can help you find the right type of promotional tote or item that will match your corporate marketing agendas.



Printing Methods, Different Styles and Options of Tote Bags      

Custom tote bag printing has different methods for a certain style or design. It depends upon the material used and the number of tote bags that you want to produce.


Different Techniques to Print Your Design:             

Transfer Method 

This technique works well with different customized canvas tote bags and allows you to print on the tote virtually any design or image, no matter how complicated the patterns are and even with a lot of color combinations.


First, your customized design is going to be printed on a special heat transfer paper. The design will then be positioned on your tote bag which will then be compressed against a fabric through the use of a heat press. The press is lifted after a given time and the customized tote bag is left to cool down.


Spot Colour Method          

If your company logo design has only one color, then spot printing could be one of your best options for your tote bags. The color is made without dots and screens like the ones in the Pantone matching system. This method is made up of 14 basic colors palette wherein every color is mixed depending on its unique formulation developed by Pantone. The color mix is very precise resulting in a clean, crisp print on your personalised tote bags whether it’s on a printed cotton bag or canvas bags.


Screen Printing Method                                                               

This a common technique to print your design and it uses a mesh so that the ink is transferred on the tote bag. It uses impermeable block stencils to avoid the ink from going elsewhere on the tote bag.


Here are types of printing methods used on tote bags:

  1. Printing on canvas tote bags – uses transfer print for images that have full colour, or spot colors on the canvas tote.
  2. Printing on cotton tote bags – also uses transfer print for full colour image, or spot colors on the customized tote.


Printing Zippered and Personalised Tote Bag Style 

One type of customized tote bag that you can print on is called the zippered tote bag. This customized tote bag is a premium, good quality and offers a large capacity for storage in its main compartment, with a zipper to close the customized tote bag and safely store your essentials. This could be one of your best tote options for business events.


Printing Grocery Tote Bag Style           

One great alternative to plastic bags is the use of grocery tote bags. You can use this tote to promote your brand, products, as gifts or giveaways during events.       


Printing Personalised Canvas Bags Style         

Aside from business events, customized or personalised bags that are made of canvas tote is an awesome way to use them in other types of events such as birthdays and parties. You make use of these customized canvas tote type of bags as gifts or giveaways where you can put your goodies inside. Even the bag alone is already a great idea and have your theme, event name, and date printed on the tote or canvas bag, a way to remember you by your visitors. You are assured that they will keep the bag or use the canvas tote as a remembrance.


Printing Branded Tote Style                                                                    

The bag is made of premium quality with exquisite design. You can have your company logo imprinted on the bag and make use of the tote as limited edition giveaways or gifts for your staff and clients. A tote is highly valued than polo, shirts, caps, pouch and jackets as gifts.


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