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Non Woven Bags – Urgent Custom Non Woven Bag Printing Service Singapore


Non Woven Bags Printed For All Your Marketing Needs

Woven bags are recyclable and reusable. However, they require more work and more energy to produce. This means that woven bags are not really environmentally friendly. Non woven bags, on the other hand, are made with 100% recyclable polypropylene cloth that is biodegradable and is burnable without leaving toxic trace. Its manufacturing process uses no water nor PVC coating and it also is more durable compared to other reusable bags. The non woven bag sg is made using nonwoven fabric, which is very similar to the fabric but is composed of staple and long fibers that are bonded using chemicals and special treatments.Printed Non Woven Bags For All Your Marketing Needs

Because of the increasing plastic pollution, the use of non woven bags is now increasing popularity. There are many downsides to using plastic bags. These non-biodegradable waste items sit forever in landfills and clogging drains, polluting our oceans. Since the new generation is now more inclined to saving the earth and stopping the use of plastic, reusable non woven bag Sg is now very popular. You may ask, why not just use paper bags if you want to stop plastic use? It is because paper bags are made of paper (of course!) and we need to chop down trees in order to produce them. Plus, paper bags are not that sustainable and have an average reuse life of 3 times, which means that after 3 uses, the paper bag will also go to waste.

Custom non woven bags printing Singapore is also liquid-repellent but can be washed, it is foldable, strong, and lightweight. More and more businesses are using non woven bag Singapore. You can find a variety of colors of these bags at grocery stores, gift shops, department stores, etc. These custom non woven bags Singapore are among the most environmentally friendly and practical bags available these days.

Nonwoven fabrics are characterized by the web structures that are chemically, thermally, or mechanically bonded together using filaments. Nonwoven fabrics are flat, porous sheets that are composed by molten plastic and separate fibers. Most of the components are made with recycled plastic and the fabric itself is also recyclable. Hence, they are considered ecological and are crucial to many industries, particularly those that need single-use or disposable packaging or urgent non woven bags like hospitals, accommodations or hotels, and nursing homes.


Non Woven Bags – Using Nonwoven Bags for Various Purposes

Alibaba Printing offers a wide variety of Singapore custom non woven bags in vibrant colors. They can be easily printed and are great as promotional tools for your product, service, or brand. Those who will get your custom non woven bags Singapore will surely use the bags again and again, promoting your business at the same time.

We are an experienced company that offers urgent custom non woven bags printing Singapore at competitive prices. Let us know about your non woven bag printing requirements. We surely have what you need.

Non Woven Bags – Advantages of Using Urgent Non Woven Bag Singapore

There are so many benefits in using custom non woven bags printing Singapore.
First, it is an environment-friendly choice. The materials used in producing nonwoven fabrics are only by-products of manufacturing oil plus they are biodegradable, as well. You can have lots of colours to choose from as well as a number of bag styles. They are also durable, lightweight and can be made into any size or shape. Plus, you can also have them printed! That maybe is the biggest advantage, particularly for a business. Having your brand imprinted on an urgent non woven bag sg that can be used over and over again is a good marketing tool, right?

Urgent non woven bag Singapore is commonly used as holders of products or gift items. Apart from being eco-friendly, they are also durable and lightweight, making them an ideal vessel for any item. Again, we will reiterate that it is eco-friendly, hence a great way to show how your company is socially-responsible and wants to save mother Earth. Please try our urgent non woven bags printing Singapore and you will see how it will positively affect your company.

Offset Printing Method

What is offset printing? Offset printing is a widely used printing technique that utilizes an offset plate and rubber blanket in transferring inked images to the printing surfaces. There are various advantages of offset printing on non woven fabrics.
One advantage is the consistent image quality. When using offset printing in non-woven materials like non woven bag Singapore, the printing process produces clean and rather sharp images and letters, thanks to the rubber blanket used for this printing process. Offset printing also allows quick and easy printing plates production, as well as longer life for printing plates. The quick process makes Singapore urgent custom non woven bags possible. When it comes to price, offset print non woven bag is cheaper compared to other printed bags but you’ll get high-quality printing even for the low price. When looking for urgent non woven bags printing service Singapore, offset printing is one of the best choices of printing method. Check out our rates for urgent non woven bags printing service Singapore.


Non Woven Bags – Silk Screen Technique

Silkscreen printing is another popular printing method commonly used in tshirts, canvass, and nonwoven bags. The technique utilizes a fine mesh which is used in transferring ink onto the printing surface. Printers often use a squeegee or blade, which moves the ink, filling the apertures and creating the actual print. Silkscreen non woven bag printing can be used for multiple colors, using one color at a time and allowing the ink to dry first before adding another color. Like offset printing, silkscreen is a quick printing method, too, so urgent custom non woven bags Singapore is also possible. Silkscreen printing or serigraphy is also a great way to print on non-woven fabrics like urgent non woven bags.

Like offset printing, using silk screen method on urgent non woven bag Sg has more benefits compared to its drawbacks. This method allows you to use and reuse the mesh screen, lowering the cost of production. Silk screen bag print is ideal for most types of surfaces, such as glass, plastic, metal, cloth, and of course, the nonwoven fabrics used for urgent non woven bags printing Singapore. Moreover, the quality of silk screen bag print is more pronounced and the color is vibrant. The finished product is more durable, too, withstanding water pressure and heat much better compared to other printing methods.

For urgent non woven bags Singapore, Alibaba Printing is the best choice. We have non woven bags printing service Singapore for your every need. Drop us a message or call us for a quick quotation for your non woven bags printing service Singapore.


Non Woven Bags

Alibaba Printing offers urgent custom non woven bags printing Singapore for any business or personal needs. These high-quality, printed nonwoven bags are great for use in business promotion as well as for personal gift-giving and souvenirs. Simpy ask us for a quote for your non woven bag printing requirements. We guarantee high-quality prints, regardless if you choose offset or silk screen bag printing method for your Singapore urgent custom non woven bags.

Fast Turnaround>Printing

We at Alibaba Printing do our best to make sure your orders for urgent non woven bags Singapore meet the deadline. We utilize quick printing methods to ensure you get your urgent custom non woven bags Singapore on time.


Non Woven Bags – Call or Message Us for Any Printing Inquiries>

Visit Alibaba Printing now and ask us about our custom non woven bags printing Singapore. We have attractive packages that will surely help start your professional business marketing that will help make your brand look more professional. We also offer other printing services and printed products such as flyers, business cards, booklets, pamphlets, and more. Alibaba Printing is located at Link @ Amk, 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, 02-02, 569139 Singapore. You may call us through our telephone number 9146 1431 or fax us at 6250 5122. For a quick quote, you may also email us at or

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Woven Bags All About Your Own Design

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