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All About T Shirt Printing Singapore 


T-shirt printing is done through textile printing and the result shows a bearing design of an image, design or lettering.


Different Types of Shirt Printing Methods Singapore

Creating a well-designed T-shirt has different methods due to the different requirements and needs of a certain customer. Below is a list that you should know.



Screen printing, also called silkscreen printing is the most common method. It needs a nylon mesh and a stencil. This is ideal for those who want to print high-quality T-shirt designs since it guarantees the ultimate copying of the design. It is one color per screen method and not ideal for very intricate multi-color designs.


DTG or Direct To Garments         

It only needs a textile printer and ink, it’s a popular method among hobbyists and great in super complex printing designs. However, it is least durable and fabric can easily fade in just a year or less.


Dye Sublimation                 

It’s a perfect method for printing on polyester such as cream fabrics. It uses a special kind of dye. Designs done through this process are durable it looks cute too.


Heat Press for Small Order

It is good for small orders, it’s economical since it saves resources and time. It works well in printing super complex designs but it doesn’t work well in dark fabrics since it uses translucent dyes.


Vinyl Cutting Design                                                                      

A special kind of soft clothing is being cut into designs and shapes, then transferred on the shirt, using a heat press method. It is commonly used in designing slogan, sportswear or small graphics.



It uses threads to add texture, making the logo or design stand out.


Various TShirt Printing Services For Corporate or Personal Need: Per Piece or in Bulk                      

Below are different types of printing services that you can avail, per piece or even in bulk.


1. Instant or Quick Printing         

Get your express t-shirts in just a matter of hours (about 1 to 2 hours) for per piece orders or 3 to 5 days in bulk orders.


2. Custom Design or Personalized         

Print T-shirts according to your desired preferences in terms of design, colors, etc.


3. Dri Fit         

Dir fit shirt printing for athletes.


4. Polo 

Customize your polo t-shirts and have them printed through screen printing or embroidery.


5. Uniform     

You can print school or company uniforms with your business logo depending on the look that you want to achieve at affordable rates.


6. Corporate             

Use t-shirts as part of your marketing campaigns or projects by having them custom printed. This is another affordable way to advertise your brand and be exposed for a long period.


7. Singlet                   

Also known as a sleeveless shirt or a shirt that is manufactured without sleeves.                                 

8. Class Tee               

Class tee shirts are common in schools. You can have them printed in bulk to get a cheaper price.


9. Family                    

Usually ordered for special occasions like family reunions and gatherings. 


10. Couple                 

A popular service for couples who want to wear the same shirt with a cute design showing the public their relationship.


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