All About Flyers

All About Flyers

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Flyer Printing is a popular form of direct

advertising used by individuals, businesses

and the Government, it serves as a

newspaper early on the 16th century. This

method is effective for marketing campaigns

and yet inexpensive. In terms of business,

flyers are customizable and you can put all

the information and will project to your

audience. This is a common method to

communicate but this is effective to sell products, services, objectives and principles.

Cheap to produce and also more affordable than most of the advertising. Flyers have

many uses; it gives information, advisory, assistance, upcoming sales or new products to

advertise. In a very busy market place how to make an eye catching flyer?


Here are some tips on how to get their attention:


  1. Font must be legible size
  2. Must be colourful
  3. Organize
  4. Focus on the product or service
  5. Use relevant information
  6. Remarkable catch phrase


Flyers can be distributed in two ways, it can be Door-to-door distribution. This service is

direct to the home of valuable customer. Street Flyers Distribution, handing out flyers to

the public usually outside on a potential hotspot for target customer.




What are the advantages of Flyers?


Flyers are everywhere, however it is best to know the “hotspot”;


  • public transit/waiting area
  • near school
  • market
  • malls
  • commercial areas


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