Increasing Your Flyer Distribution Response- Is That Possible?

Flyers may be old school, but they are still regarded as one of the most effective forms of direct marketing. As a matter of fact, flyers are widely used in Singapore by most companies in putting across and drawing attention for their respective businesses. Flyers, although mostly they come in standard sizes, can also come in different formats, such as A4 or letterhead size, A5 or half-letterhead size, DL, A6 or postcard size, and CC or credit card size. The response rates of flyers roughly average at 1-2%.

Flyers are inexpensive and are a good way to target your desired market through proper company information placement. There is a myriad of ways in increasing the response rates of a flyer campaign:

Increasing the Size and Improving the Type of Flyers

When selecting the type of flyer, we usually mean the type of paper and print used in  making them. Nevertheless, the type of flyer you should use must depend on the product or service you offer, the area of flyer distribution, and of course, the budget. If competition is heavy, and if you know that they are also having a flyer distribution service, you can try and make your flyers bigger and higher in quality. This will allow you to stand out amongst your competitors. For an island-wide mass flyer distribution, on the other hand, most of our clients use A6 or A5 which is usually smaller and cheaper. Most flyers used to promote businesses are printed on glossy paper with high-quality, colored ink as they help create a more professional look.

The Actual Offer

Flyer distribution Singapore may be inexpensive, but you must make sure that the content is great and worthy of reading. Flyers with unprofessional layout and content usually end up in the trash and can possibly do your company more harm than good. Do the flyer distribution correctly and you will surely enjoy a flyer campaign that brings profit. You must invest in high-quality, professionally-design flyers if the budget permits.

Method of Distribution

Considering the method of flyer distribution helps guarantee the highest rate of response.

Mostly used flyer distribution methods include door-to-door distribution for landed properties and HDB, letterbox distribution, distribution via SingPost (this is commonly used for condos and private apartments), person to person flyer distribution, or as newspaper inserts.

The above mentioned methods of distribution have their respective pros and cons. Price, effectivity, and target market must be considered in choosing a flyer distribution method. Nevertheless, choosing the best company in the field who will do the distribution for you is the best way to ensure success.

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