Printing of Wall Sticker at Ang Mo Kio Available at Alibaba

Wall decals or stickers are used for promotional and decorative purposes. Wall stickers are sometimes done using vinyl sticker cutters but sticker printing can also be done, particularly for advertising or business use. Alibaba Printing does not only offer flyers printing and distribution at Sing Ming and other areas in Singapore, but also printing of wall stickers at Ang Mo Kio.

We recently had this sticker printing project commissioned by MindSet First, promoting their free trial sessions at their centres. Mindset First is a tutor centre primarily catering students who want to keep updated with English, Maths and Science subjects. Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced composition writing is also available. Coding classes for junior, senior, and master levels are also offered.

Mindset First uses wall decals or stickers to keep their brand visible, allowing them to offer their services and promos right where people can see it. You can do similar advertising method like this by getting your own wall stickers as promotional tool. We print wall stickers with varying sizes and are also available in different materials such as vinyl, regular stickers and other specialty sticker paper. We will make sure that your stickers are made using high-quality materials and printing technology. Alibaba Printing can help you lay out and print your wall stickers or any other marketing materials. Check out our Facebook page, or visit us at Link @ Amk, 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, 02-02, 569139 for more details.

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