So what is the Plan for your Flyer Distribution Campaign?

So what is the Plan for your Flyer Distribution Campaign?

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As with any kind of advertisement, flyer printing and flyer distribution is not just about making your flyer and

distributing it to as many people as possible.

One should note, that is the intention,

however, we need to think it through so that

the distribution is effective and can reach the

most people.



It would be great if you do manage to distribute the thousands of flyers you made, but

even then, that will take a lot of time and effort. But even before making the rounds of your

neighborhood and start distributing flyers, something as simple as knowing who to give

your flyers to can be an effective means to get new customers. What if you are

advertising a dishwashing liquid for instance, a good place to give out these flyers would

be a grocery store. That way, you get as much people as possible who may have the

need for the particular product.



Planning out where to give the flyers to or even identifying the people you are targeting

can make a flyer distribution campaign effective and that in turn would mean a rise in the

revenue of your company at a very minimal cost.





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