Distribution of Flyers

Distribution of Flyers

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The distribution of flyers is the

most common strategy in

terms of promotion or

marketing the product. The

cost is lesser than other

printing ads and is also

effective since the volume produced in flyers is high. However, flyers can also be non-

effective depending on how the flyers have been distributed to the potential buyers. The

distribution takes a very important role in marketing since it is where and how you would

distribute the product. The place should be considered where there are a lot of potential




Some companies use other techniques in distributing flyers in order to attract customers,

they sometimes put it on a show and while the program is ongoing the marketers are

already distributing the flyers. Some other techniques they do are having concerts,

games, free taste or try of whatever the product is, sponsoring events and others.



In promotion, there are things that need to be considered because it can be costly if not

being studied and decided thoroughly. Most of the companies conduct surveys first from

places to places before they engage in doing such strategy in promotion, most especially

when it already involves money and effort in distributing the product.



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