Flyer Printing and Distribution at Bukit Batok for Tutor Centre

Flyers usually have standard sizes of 8.5 x 11, but this all depends on the preference of the client. Flyers can be made in black and white, but it is aesthetically appealing to have them in full colour. There are a variety of flyer design ideas and examples of ways to market your business using flyer printing. Some are used in events promotion, company services, products, menus, and other creative uses. Custom flyers are a great but inexpensive way to promote your products, services, brand, or event to potential customers. It is always advisable to not be frugal when dealing with flyers. They are relatively inexpensive when compared to other means of advertisement, so skimping is a no-no. A well-designed, full-color flyer just like this one we used for our flyers printing and distribution at Bukit Batok is ideal if you want to make a huge difference and mark your place in the market.

flyers printing and distribution at bukit batok

This flyer is for MentalMatics, another tutor centre along Bukit Batok. Their flyer has a simple layout but still consists of important details such as a brief service description, rates, and of course, contact details. There is even bulleted pointers for the amenities offered for MentalMatics’ study space rental. Furthermore, they also offered a discount promo in which students are allowed to have up to 50% discount on study space rentals, topping up the already discount rates to the premises. Inserting promos to the flyers is a good idea if you want to make potential clients visit your business. Promos are a great “call-to-action” tags that can actually bring people to you.

flyers printing and distribution at bukit batok

For educational centres like MentalMatics and PlayFacto School, the one that asked us for flyers distribution at Toa Payoh, flyers can be a useful tool in promoting business. You can reach out to a lot of people and can even control who to “target”. Call us now and let us manage your flyer printing and distribution.

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